Friday, 4 August 2017

An evolution in the thinking style of a writerly life ...

I think beginning to write under the influence of a forthcoming partner for life isn't going to be a very easy idea, since the impact of * on me is insanely deep and involving, more than just the superficial impact of *, who'd acted only as a catalyst to wake me up to the reality of the former ...

Besides, writing always has been a double edged sword for me, something with which to slash through the litter in the social setup of modern India by one edge, and, as a consequence, slashing through the layers of mist covering my own eyes with respect to recognition of the reality of their existence.

Writing, as per Nissim Ezekiel, has a therapeutic effect. But when the writer is a bachelor with six feet one and a half inch height, his writing, in as much as being pure, would also sound like a cat call to the passing virgin girls on the street. At this point, the responsibility on the shoulder of the yet to be in a relationship writer will jump a thousand fold.

In India, and may be elsewhere on the globe as well, I'd share my experiences as a writer of sorts (I'd limit myself to that level rather than saying that I hold a pink rose in my buttonhole of the writer's club visiting blazer !) When you make a statement from as small as a statement, to the size of a lengthy essay, in the given case of my being highly followed by paparazzi for whatever reasons, given the sensitive times of extremely fast availability and ease of access and exchange of information, living like a normal human being walking on the road on his regular schedule would become very difficult, so to say, with people crossing your writerly path to either grab that pinch of your tasty bread you've propounded yesterday in your writing, or knock you off your usual balance and psychological decorum because you have just said something that is reflective of the highest level of their understanding, therefore sexually sounding insinuating and insulting, something that of the level that their consciousness cannot let them surpass so as to reach the next step laid out and envisaged in your writing.

Also, when writing, you'd rather realize that you are at all times making a mention of your lowest spiritual capabilities in your availability and in a way that is like jeering at its equivalent examples in the social setup. This can have really devastating or developmental impacts on the minds of either you or the reader, depending solely on their attitude and civility !

A writer, as such, doesn't happen to be a social reformer in his first days of experimentation with his writing. He's only trying to say what he wanted to do. But this cause will have a natural effect, and the writer would sometimes cannot believe himself or his ears over the way his writing has just been interpreted or even implemented by absorption into the social soul ! Since writing would always ignite people and their consciousness, and the consciousness is a natural link to their sexuality, the writer, in the first phases of his social venture, would be burdened with people seeking sex or marriage or short or long-term relationships. Since all people would be too natural to be moved or even jolted out of their hitherto unconscious rigidity of thought, by his writing, he'll, next, come face to face with their social status and placement and the associated issues. Since a human being in the dark in which room the writer has just lit the lamp of enlightenment, is, unfortunately, not on the same levels of understanding as the writer, but perhaps more or less, the writer would now be presented with social complications invited by their behavioral trends, which is, a very grave fact, a dampening and killing factor on the writer's motivation or inclination to write something in his life at all !

To overcome this step, the man in the writing role will now be assuming the position of social dictat redefinition, lucidly and well convincingly arguing his point and winning all the time. His sole aim, most of the time, was to write and catch his right match for a relationship who's hiding away somewhere in her social role, but the writer would, to the contrary, be presented with only opportunities to meet with his rivals who were or are also seeking her, and who'd start doing a discussion on his writing which would to the innocent eyes of the writer would look like a true critical acclaim of his writing, but which, in the long run, would only prove itself to be a well covered up attempt to sidetrack him and remove his options in his life of settling down with her, but someone else who's their own relative so that he won't come in the way of their seeking the girl he wanted !

We thus have now come to understand that we've reached the end of an epoch in the history of literature review, by turning the page from writing for pure social or psychological bliss, to writing to incite a deeper level of plea to seek your rightful partner in life ! We'd therefore now no longer write for the sake of achieving the goals of advancement of human psychological wisdom, but only as a means of struggling through the social clutter to meet your true love ... We'd in which case sometimes swerve diametrically veering off the normal course of rational human thought, thereby making very strange statements and doing bitter politics. As the writer is a man of absolute purity, in consequence of this effect last mentioned, he'd begin to get charred by the social ire and blurred by the social dust kicked up into his eyes by the more prominently stronger members of the setup, now beginning to face very tricky situations of existence and trying to stay very pure all the same ... Here, he'll begin to draw lines in respect of his natural writerly relationship of scholarly eldership and begin to behave like a strange human being who's nowhere to be understood by the practical larger parts of the social membership, and in consequence, being subject to live drilling and social grilling by the very lowest classes of the intellectual echelons in the said social setup ! He'll be thoroughly shaded by them from his true friends because they'd begin to don the skins of his true friends and the innocent writer cannot notice which is which ... His entire life will be occupied both online or offline by the mundane seekers of worldly pleasure by mimicking the writer with loud or silent booing, oh, you're gonna write, eh ?

At this point, the career of the writer will take a turn, and he'll begin to critically examine the social setup with his brilliant eyes with a sense of mirth and some salt and pepper, rather than being in a happy mood of just writing, eating and sleeping. He'll therefore be arisen to the social truths and consequently with the exploration of ways to conquer them, in the process of which he'll acquire supporting friends and severely critical foes ... Since the writer cannot write without the existence of his sole inspiration in the form of his beloved, he'll now turn into a fighter from a writer for whatever he wanted. This will give his writing skill and talent an unfortunately sharp bend on his road to writerly wisdom, by taking which, in compulsion, he may sometimes lose her ...

In such cases, the writer would now be presented with an opportunity to become a dictator of terms by either her or their opposite people. He'll naturally enter into such circumstances, since he can't miss her. He'll then begin to destroy things in the naturally established normal social setup, taking lives in place of pouring life into unfortunate people ... His sole aim would now be writing with a view to get her !

This very sorry turn can have the potential of killing off the creativity of himself and turn him from a writer into a monster, unless his beloved notices the change in his tone, his social tone, in clear departure from his emotional self as she'd known it to be, and comes to his rescue from wherever she may be, and to his pure utter delight and bliss !

At this point we notice that the writer has been only a normal human being who's like anybody else, living for his beloved sake and loving her ! His writerly instincts will now be restored to normalcy and his life begins to experience the morning misty calmness of an Indian winter ...

He'll be set free from his social shackles and start writing again ! But this time, not with a view to becoming a monster, but for the sake of the pure and blissful pleasure of being just a simple writer ...

/ real-life experience; not fictional / / contains logical and semantic errors /

/ hilarious and jovial /